Excellent, free 3D first person horror game


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No, you're eyes are not deceiving you. The images you're seeing are from Penumbra, a spectacular new game full of suspense and horror that will leave you amazed.

The action takes place in Greenland, where you go to find your father who disappeared inside an underground base in the middle of the ice fields.

Set over two levels, you must unravel the secrets that lie behind this facility. The graphical quality is simply phenomenal, despite the fact that its graphics engine was developed 'in house', as proclaimed proudly by the authors. Lights, shadows, textures - everything within the game is of a standard worthy of the very best games on the market.

The in game physics is excellent and stays very true to life, right up to opening doors and drawers by pushing or pulling them with the mouse.

The game blends action with problem solving, giving you a variety of puzzles you must solve to continue through the game. One feature that sets it apart from the pack is the absence of weapons; you can only use flares, flashlights and a stick of dynamite.

Penumbra will immerse you in its thrilling atmosphere that is certainly not for the faint hearted, and the music and sound effects are fantastic. Don't miss the opportunity to play what is perhaps the best free game of recent years.

The minimum requirements to play Penumbra are:
1Ghz CPU
400MB Disk Space
ATI 9600/NVIDIA FX Graphics Card

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